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eclecticerudite's Journal

You have no idea...
acting, aids, algolagnia, art, assembly language, astrophysics, b&d, backpacking, being humble, betelgeuse, billiards, biology, biting nails, body piercings, books, breakfast, camping, chaldean, cheese, cheesecake, chess, clean water, college, cooking, crazy, cream soda, cuddling, culture, dancing, death and dieing, disco, diversity, dwarves, elves, environmentalism, falling down, fetishes, film, finances, fishnets, fitness, flat tax, flirting, freaky people, frisbee, fuck religious books, fuck the bible, fuck you, funk, geeks, glowing, gnomes, god, goth, gremlins, grooving, happy thoughts, healing hands, health, hiking, house of hair, humanity, hurting, i saw your mommy, ice cream, immunology, insanity, instrumentals, intelligence, interpersonal global domination, james burke, jazz, killing, kim redman, knowledge is king, latex, leptons, listening, losers, lounge music, love is dead, magic, malt, massages, math, medicine, miniature golf, mountain biking, nano, natural law party, nerds, nightly business report, non-fiction books, npr, ology, onomy, other stuff, pastries, philosophy, physics, porn, posers, potatoes, prince, public transportation, punks, quantum physics, religion, robotron, running, samus, sanskrit, science, scientific american, screaming, sensual toys, sex, sharing, skateboarding, sleeping, smiling, sound, spinning in circles, spirituality, spooning, sports nutrition, steel drums, sugared coffees, sunsets, superstrings, swimming, sxe, tai chi chuan, tea, teaching, technology, thinking, thinking of the box, thinking outside the box, traveling, triathlons, tutoring, vegetarian, wandering aimlessly, white chocolate, wicked fun, working out,